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Dear Students,

Psychological stress among students has rightly become the focus of increased attention in recent years. Furthermore, the current pandemic represents an additional life situation for you that is difficult to calculate and whose impact is not yet sufficiently understood.

However, appropriate help and support offers on part of the university can only be provided with a profound knowledge with regard to the needs of our students. Therefore, even if you have come through these difficult times well so far, we would be very pleased if you would complete this survey. We would really like to know how you are doing!

Who are we? We represent the Mental Health Workgroup at the University of Cologne. This workgroup has the goal to contribute to the improvement of study conditions.

Important: The study can only be accessed from the internal network of the University of Cologne. This ensures that only students of the University of Cologne can participate. Therefore, you can only access the link if you are either physically in the university or if you have established a VPN connection to the university network. Here you can find the necessary information:

The following link will take you to the survey (just click): it is best, to use a computer!

Link to the study

We would like to thank you in advance for your help!

Mental Health Workgroup at the University of Cologne

Rainer Weber, Thomas Hennemann, Alexander Gerlach